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Is this book for you?

If you are involved with professional audio/video systems or file-based (tapeless) workflows at any technical level, this book will be of value.


If you are IT (or A/V) savvy (systems, components, processes and flows) and want to learn more about AV and its convergence with IT, the book is relevant. Transitioning from tape to tapeless? If so, you may have the following questions;


  • Will IT methods, systems, and techniques be responsive enough for the demands of real-time video?


  • Can IT meet a 99.9999% reliability goal? 

  • Can I run video over IT-based links and switches?


  • Will network congestion cause dropouts in my video? Will a virus or worm take me off air?


  • What are the fundamental elements of file-based workflows?

  • Will the short life spans of IT equipment lead to an unprofitable ROI and constant retooling headaches? 

  • Are the software components stable enough for mission critical applications?


  • Can I use IT/AV technologies and create a “broadcast worthy” IT system?


These and countless other questions are discussed and answered in the course of the AVIT book.

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